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Our Process


Having spent many years planting millions of trees in remote areas of the boreal forest, we love setting up bush camps in nature. We spend months living on the land, bathing in glacial streams, frolicking in wild flowers and communing with the plant world. We gather plants from healthy colonies while others are salvaged from the disturbance of the logging industry. We love spreading seeds as well as planting seedlings of trees, shrubs and flowers back into our harvesting locations. We tend to the wild as though it is our garden.

We process our harvests by drying, dehydrating, infusing, macerating and distilling plants for their unique properties. We then create products revolving around the plants' unique gifts. We carefully choose highly effective ingredients such as organic oils, local clay, salt and therapeutic grade essential oils that will synergistically blend well together. 

Our line of products takes into consideration your skin, the plants, the environment and our deep yearning as humans to connect to the wild. We believe we are a part of nature. It's time to come home.